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Our Mission...

To produce the BEST non-prescription custom orthotic for athletes and those looking for a pain-free performance edge. This is accomplished through the implementation of carefully researched rearfoot post angles. These angles provide a quantifiable performance gain, for everyone.

What's Different...

Sport Align Systems Sport-Specific Orthotics ARE different. By incorporating Dynamic Energy Tranfer (DET) into the sport-specific orthotic, we maximize your energy return. This is done by working with the way your body wants to work. The effect of the DET is that your foot reacts dynamically, absorbs then releases energy, allowing your foot to act like a bow. The result equals increased wattage output, lower heart rates or both! SAS delivers results you can feel, and you can measure! Used by National and World Champion cyclists, National AMA Champions, X-Terra World Champions, Duathalon Champions, and the list keeps growing!

The foot is dynamic, made to work as a spring and a shock absorber. This is why both soft and "firm" or rigid orthotics (insoles, footbeds) fall short. While both soft and firm have specific applications that they may excel in, they are NOT dynamic. Soft orthotics provide shock absorption, but do little to nothing for structural alignment and efficient energy transmission. Soft orthotics just allow the energy to be absorbed and dispersed. On the flip side of that coin, firm or hard orthotics work well for energy transmission, but do nothing for efficient energy absorption, and the more the arch is blocked the worse it gets.

With Sport Align Systems Sport Specific Orthotics you have the best of both worlds, and then some! Sport Algn Systems Sport Specific Orthotics feature Dynamic Energy Transfer technology. It allows optimal shock absorption that is controlled through the Dynamic Energy Transfer system. The DET allows that impact to be absorbed AND the energy is STORED. DET stores the energy to be release druing propulsion. The result is a noticeable and measureable performance gain. A performance gain you can measure with an ergometer! Through the DET, arch energy is absorbed, stored and released, when the energy is released you reap the benefit. MORE POWER! More power with the same or less exertion! That's the SAS advantage.

Sport Specific Applications...

Cycling / Running / Moto / Golf / Ski / Skating / Hiking / Any sport / Daily Use




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